For your media needs the choice is simple.
Bundle with Haefele TV and you could save hundreds.
Tired of spending your hard earned dollars with big corporations that care more about their bottom line than they do about offering you the best media experience and customer service that they can? When you bundle all of your TV, Internet and Phone services together not only will you save money, but you’ll benefit from Haefele TV’s exceptional customer service and outstanding programming options.
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Basic Cable*

Whether you’re looking for a stripped down TV experience, or all the newest and coolest TV gadgets, Haefele TV has what you’re looking for.  Haefele’s Triple Advantage bundle supplies you with our Basic Cable service, so you’ll get up to 110 channels of the very best programming in lifestyle, news, sports, music, etc.  And if you’re looking for something more advanced the process couldn’t be easier.  Whether it’s one of our DVR boxes, or a premium channel like HBO, or Showtime, just let us know and we’ll simply add the service to your monthly bundled rate.

CableRocket Internet*
Still mucking about with a dial-up internet connection?  Or maybe you’re stuck with DSL and you don’t live across the street from your provider’s hub?  Haefele TV’s High Speed Internet is just the thing you need to get you plugged in and turned on to all the Web has to offer.  With downloads speeds of up to 7Mbps Haefele’s CableRocket Internet connection is 7 times faster than your average DSL connection and almost 100 times faster than dial-up!  With High Speed Internet from Haefele TV Inc. you’ll work more effectively, play even harder, and explore the Internet further, faster.
Digital Phone*
We all know that paying the phone bill every month is no fun.  So at the very least, why not bundle your phone service in with your TV and Internet and turn two monthly bills, (or three), into one.  With Haefele TV’s Digital Phone you’ll spend, on average, far less per line than you will with a traditional phone company.  And since Haefele’s phone service takes priority in the region’s Internet/Data pipeline, you’ll find that it’s better performing and more reliable than Vonage.  Give Haefele TV’s Digital Phone a try and find out just how easy and affordable it can be to stay connected.

* Taxes and fees not included. Savings claim based on individual product’s non-bundled price. Applies to new residential customers in serviceable areas only. A new customer is defined as any subscriber, or non-subscriber not currently receiving Triple Advantage service. Restrictions, taxes, fees, and equipment charges may apply. Offer dependent upon acceptance of 2 year service contract. Regular bundled rates apply after the 12 month promotional period. Rates are subject to change. Offer shown may not be combined with any other offer. Offer is non-transferable. Channel number reflects quantity available to customers with QAM-capable televisions. Actual speeds may vary.