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Cable TV Plans


Discover a world of entertainment with Haefele Connect’s TV packages and channels for New York’s Southern Tier. From live sports to your favorite shows, we’ve got it all. Choose from our tailored packages for the ultimate viewing experience.

Unleash the power of endless entertainment—switch to New York Southern Tier’s top cable TV provider with Haefele Connect TV now!

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*Taxes extra and Fees extra.  Rates dependant on service address and subject to change.

Find your favorite shows anywhere with your trusted local cable TV providers serving the NY Southern Tier at Haefele. HBO GO and Cinemax Go are now available! Register with TV Everywhere to stream your favorite shows & movies at home and on the go!

Available for Basic Cable:

  •  HD Box $7.00 per month (includes interactive programming guide)
  • Basic DVR Box $15 per month(includes DVR capabilities and interactive program guide)

Available for Digital Cable:

  • DVR $15.00 per month
  • Whole Home DVR service $29.95 per month (includes whole home DVR and 1 HD box ).
  • Additional HD Box $7.00 each per month
  • HBO $14.95 per month
  • Cinemax $9 per month
  • HBO/Max combo $20 per month
  • Showtime/Movie Channel $15 per month
  • Starz/Encore $9.95 per month
  • Encore $3.99 per month
  • Ultimate Package (all premium networks). $35.55 per month
  • Sports Tier $7.95 per month(includes NFL Redzone,World Fishing,FOX Soccer, & MavTV)

Special Offers and Bundles


We offer a variety of great cable packages and channel options to local NY Southern Tier area residents. You can combine any cable and internet package of 100Mbps or higher and receive a $10 discount on your bill every month.



per month for 6 months, combines basic cable and 125Mbps high-speed internet.

*Requires a 1-year service agreement, taxes, fees, additional TVs & equipment extra. The Internet is Unlimited Data, regular rate applies for remainder of the 1-year agreement after 6-month promotional period).




per month for 1 year, combines basic cable, 100Mbps high-speed internet, and digital phone service.

*Requires a 2-year service agreement, taxes, fees, additional TVs, and equipment extra. Regular rate applies for remainder of the 2-year agreement after the 1-year promotional period).


Cable TV FAQs


Why should I choose cable over satellite TV?

With Haefele’s cable TV services, you won’t lose signal because an unruly cloud passed overhead, nor will you have to pay to hook a receiver to every television in the house. And because cable is delivered to you locally you’ll get a better selection of local channels at a better price.


Do I need a digital box for every TV in the house?

No. You can have as many, or as few digital boxes as you want. Many customers choose to hook their digital boxes to the televisions they watch most frequently, but you can choose to put them wherever you like. Any televisions that don’t have boxes can still receive any of the great channels available on our Basic Cable package.


How do I get High Def?

To watch TV in High Definition you will need to have, A) an HD-capable television, and B) HD service. If you do not have one, or the other of these necessary requirements you WILL NOT be watching television in HD. If you don’t know whether, or not you have an HDTV you should call the manufacturer, or examine it carefully for any stickers or markings. If it is an HDTV you will find some mark to that effect. If you are unsure of whether, or not you are receiving HD service, please Contact your local cable TV providers at Haefele to find out more.


Just what is High Definition TV?

Simply put, HDTV offers higher resolution images and higher quality sound then older Standard Definition signals are capable of. Images in HD are more than five times sharper than Standard Def pictures, and they have twice the color, which makes for richer, more vibrant images.


What sort of channels do you have in HD?

Haefele Connect offers dozens of HD channels from favorites like NBC, ABC, CBS, ESPN, USA, Food, Discovery Channel and many more.


Do you offer an on-screen guide?

Yes. Included in the digital set-top boxes is an Interactive Program Guide. This easy-to-use guide will let you know what’s on and show you when.