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Combine any cable and internet package of 25Meg or higher and receive a $10 discount on your bill every month.

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Qualifying new subscribers get a $50 credit when signing up for any internet package over 35MB when signing a six month contract. Qualifying existing subscribers can get the same deal with an upgrade of their current plan.

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Digital Tier Subscribers!



per month for 6 months, combines basic cable and 35Meg high-speed internet.

*Requires a 1-year service agreement, taxes, fees, additional TVs & equipment extra. The Internet is Unlimited Data, regular rate applies for remainder of the 1-year agreement after 6-month promotional period).




per month for 1 year, combines basic cable, 25Meg high-speed internet, and digital phone service. 

*Requires a 2-year service agreement, taxes, fees, additional TVs, and equipment extra. Regular rate applies for remainder of the 2-year agreement after the 1-year promotional period).

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