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Everything you want in Wi-Fi is everything we offer.

Introducing Managed Wi-Fi from Haefele Connect

Welcome To Managed Wi-Fi From Haefele Connect

Connectivity that Never Quits

Next-Level Gigabit WiFi Performance

Dual band WiFi 6, with the latest 802.11ax technology, optimizes your network traffic and connectivity speeds.

Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Easily enable WiFi for your guests, change your password, and see who is on your network—all from the CommandIQ® app

Fully Managed

Fully secure. Worry free. GigaSpire BLAST Ultimate WiFi is fully managed by Haefele Connect

Add Managed Wi-Fi to any Haefele Connect Internet Plan




Managed Wi-Fi with GigaSpire BLAST gives you the tools to fully power your connected life. With robust security and robust bidirectional bandwidth, you are ready for any device.

Lightning Fast

GigaSpire BLAST offers those engaged in heavy bandwidth applications such as gaming, peer to peer file sharing and video streaming, the best performance with the access you need when connecting many devices with multiple usage scenarios.

    Whole home WiFi

    made simple


    Flexible Mesh​ that’s “Plug & Play” friendly, uses beam-forming technology to amplify the WiFi signal to (and from) your devices, making your WiFi faster, clearer, and stronger.


    Performance. In real time.

    The ultimate connectivity command center, the new CommandIQ app gives you the power to control every device’s performance. Right from the palm of your hand.​

    • Movie night, binge watch marathon, or just streaming content, prioritize your device or video watching to make sure your experience is uninterrupted. ​
    • The ultimate gaming command center, the app enables you to optimize how multiple devices perform—no matter how many that might be.


    Your rules. Enforced.

    Included With Enhanced Managed Wi-Fi

    Kids having trouble focusing, staying on task and keeping to a schedule? Eliminate distractions and manage screen time with enhanced parental controls and the CommandIQ™ app. Personalize WiFi for everyone and every device in the home. Protect the family from inappropriate content with ExperienceIQ™.


    Filter entire categories of the internet. Decide which apps and websites can be accessed.

    Setup Profiles

    Create customized profiles for everyone in your family.

    Pause Internet

    Ready for uninterrupted family time? Simply pause the internet from the CommandIQ® App.

    Usage History

    Carefully review and monitor internet activity with ease.

    ProtectIQ™. Smart.

    Included With Enhanced Managed Wi-Fi

    Do you have anti-virus protection on all your devices? Is it up to date? What about that doorbell camera or smartTV? The truth is all your devices are at risk of threats, intrusions, and attacks. ProtectIQ™ keeps your personal information and devices safe.

    24/7 Scanning

    Always-on scanning because malicious software and network threats don’t take days off.

    Automatic Blocking

    ProtectIQ™ automatically blocks and freezes attempts to access valuable information without your consent.

    Intrusion Prevention

    ProtectIQ™ creates a wall around your home network—stopping viruses from entering your digital life.

    *One time $20 installation fee, $9.99/Month includes cable modem rental if required, $11.99/Month for WiFi with telephone modem rental.

    **Enhanced Managed WiFi only available as an add on to a Managed Wifi Plan for a total monthly cost of $15.98 or $17.98 for Enhanced Managed WiFi with a Telephone Modem rental