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Hamlet of Alpine

Internet Service

Haefele Connect high speed internet is available throughout much of the hamlet of Alpine. Contact us today to see if service is available at your address.

*Connect Plans require DOCSIS 3 modem. Customers with older modems will need to upgrade.

At Haefele we know that with today’s technology, the internet is no longer just a luxury, it’s a necessity! Let us help you get connected to the internet with a high speed plan that’s right for you.

607-589-6235  |  800-338-6330

 “The service from Haefele is wonderful. The speed and data are amazing. We can have multiple people online and have no interruption in speed. Now we can store our inventory in the cloud and we can be visible on social media.”  -Doris K.


Combine any cable and internet package of 100Meg or higher and receive a $10 discount on your bill every month.



per month for 6 months, combines basic cable and Connect 125 high-speed internet.

*Requires a 1-year service agreement, taxes, fees, additional TVs & equipment extra. The Internet is Unlimited Data, regular rate applies for remainder of the 1-year agreement after 6-month promotional period).




per month for 1 year, combines basic cable, Connect 100 high-speed internet, and digital phone service.

*Requires a 2-year service agreement, taxes, fees, additional TVs, and equipment extra. Regular rate applies for remainder of the 2-year agreement after the 1-year promotional period).

Internet Service FAQs


Does Haefele have a bandwidth cap, and if so, how high is it?

Haefele does have a bandwidth cap on the two lower tier packages, however, the higher tier packages are all unlimited data.   More information can be found in our Acceptable Use Policy.

How will the cap affect my ability to download files from the Web?

The cap does not stop your computer from downloading anything, but you will be charged for over-usage if you exceed the set limit.  The best way to keep from going over the bandwidth cap is to monitor your monthly traffic using the tool found on our local portal.

Can I still stream movies?

You can certainly stream, however, if you have an internet package that has limited data you may want to monitor your usage, as most HD movies will use 2-6GB of data per 2 hours of streaming. SD movies will generally use less than 3GB of data per a 2 hour viewing period.


Does Haefele Connect provide wireless services?

Yes. For a monthly fee, Haefele provides and maintains wireless networks for our customers.

With wireless networking from Haefele, you’ll have the freedom to cruise the Internet wherever you’re most comfortable.  Subscribers to Haefele Wireless Service can easily connect all of their wireless devices to a secure network built upon Haefele’s high speed internet cable network.  Professionally trained cable technicians can quickly install your wireless home network using your preexisting, or new Cable Internet connection. A one-time installation fee per device applies.

When you choose to build your wireless network with help from Haefele, you’ll gain access to our outstanding customer service and technical support.  You’ll never have to worry again about troubleshooting your home network because we’ll do it for you. For the price of a low monthly fee you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your wireless home network is being maintained and serviced by trained professionals.



    Will I always get the quoted speeds?

    There are a number of technological factors that can affect the connection speed.  Whether it’s server lag, or general Internet congestion, you might not always experience the exact speed specifications of a stated package.  However, at Haefele we work hard to mitigate this inevitable loss, and you’ll find that loss is generally within 5% of the connection’s maximum capabilities.


    Can I have multiple email addresses with Haefele Internet?

    Absolutely. All of our Internet packages allow for multiple email accounts.

    Will I be able to keep my old email address?

    Maybe. If you’re already using a third-party email provider, e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, MSN etc, you’ll be able to keep those for as long as you want.  If, however, you were using an email address provided by another ISP, you won’t be able to keep that address when you sign up with Haefele.


    Is Technical Support available for Haefele’s Internet subscribers?

    Of course! Friendly, knowledgeable technical support representatives are available via toll-free phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We can be reached at 607-422-3000, or 1-866-708-1556.

    Haefele High-Speed Internet Plan Overview

    At Haefele Connect, we provide high speed internet, as well as offering cable and phone bundles. We serve 22 municipalities in upstate NY including Enfield NY, Spencer, NY, Van Etten, NY, Berkshire, NY, Hector, NY, Himrod, NY, Burdett, NY and Virgil, NY.

    Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find affordable local internet plans that fit your needs.

    Not sure you are in one of our service areas? Give us a call at 607-589-6235!

    Whether you’re a single-person household but you play a lot of online video games or you’re a married couple who mostly browse the internet and use social media, you can find a high speed internet plan that offers the speed and bandwidth you need.

    Our Internet Plans

    At Haefele Connect, we offer high speed internet with a range of internet plans from 3 to 250 Mbps download speed and 3 to 25 Mbps upload speed, with varying bandwidth options and email support. For a clear explanation of download speeds, bandwidth, and other terms you should know, keep reading. To purchase a plan, go ahead and skip to the bottom of this page.

    Download and Upload Speed

    The speed of your internet is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). In terms of recognizable size, a megabit is about 32 books’ worth of data.

    The download speeds we offer at Haefele Connect range from 3Mbps with our Connect Mini to 250 Mbps with our Connect 250 service. This means that you can download about 320 books’ worth of data in just one second with our MiniRocket plan!

    Our upload speeds range from 3Mbps to 25Mbps. It’s normal for upload speeds to be slower than download speeds – but even 1Mbps is still 96 books of data a second!


    Bandwidth refers to how much data your system can use and is measured in Gigabytes (GB). 1GB is equal to about 4,500 books’ worth of data. Our Connect Mini plan caps at 100GB per month and our Connect 100 plan caps bandwidth at 1000GB per month. All our other plans offer unlimited data, which means you can download and upload to your heart’s content.
    Check out our plans above, or call 607-589-6235 to reach our main office for more information on our internet, cable, and phone bundles.